Sun Tunnels vs Skylights
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Sun Tunnels vs Skylights

If you are looking for information about the differences between sun tunnels vs skylights as well as some pros and cons, this article will help! Since both systems do have similarities the decision will ultimately be up to you for which option works best for your home or office.

Sun Tunnel vs Skylight Similarities

Sun tunnels and skylights do share some similarities like both being installed on a roof for more natural light and both can potentially lower your energy bills.

Sun Tunnel vs Skylight Difference

Sun tunnels and skylights do have several similarities but there are some key differences you should know to make an informed decision on what works best for your specific situation. A sun tunnel for instance can be installed in areas that a skylight will not make sense like closets, or hallways due to their construction and smaller size. Skylights on th other hand are typically larger and can come in various shapes like square, diamond, or oval. Some skylights can also be opened or closed using a manual crank or an electric rail system to allow air from the outside in.

Sun Tunnel Pros and Cons

There are many benefits and disadvantages of sun tunnels for your home or office. It is up to you whether the pros or cons weigh heavier.

Sun Tunnel Pros

  • Low maintence and upkeep costs.
  • Can be installed in less than 24 hours.
  • Installation requires less space.
  • No loss of heating or cooling energy.
  • Designed not to leakr or build up condensation.

Sun Tunnel Cons

  • Sun tunnels cannot be opened.
  • Sky cannot be seen through sun tunnels.
  • Light cannot be dimmed or blocked unless a dimmer kit is installed.
  • Not all models are suited for extreme temperatures.

Skylight Pros and Cons

Just as with sun tunnels skylights hav both benefits and disadvantages, but you should decide for yourself if the pros or cons are worth the installation.

Skylight Pros

  • Direct view of the sky is possible.
  • Can be opened to allow for fresh air.
  • Adds natural light to rooms installed.
  • Potentially saves money on energy usage.
  • Dwell also cites design options and design impact.

Skylight Cons

  • Can fade fabrics on clothing or furniture.
  • Increased heat gain.
  • Possible leaks from improper installation.
  • More expensive to maintain and install.

Sun Tunnel vs Skylight Costs

Learn more about sun tunnel vs skylight installation costs.

Sun Tunnel Installation Cost

According to Velax, the cost to install a new skylight ranges between $1,700 and $3,700 depending on if you choose a fixed skylight or an electric “fresh air” model.

Sun Tunnel Installation Cost

In comparision House Logic, states that a sun tunnel costs between $500 and $1,000.

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